Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Minis are so much fun!  They're a great way to use up little, leftover bits of yarn and they don't take too terribly long to complete.  The hats and scarves are a bit simpler than the sweaters I made last year but equally fun.  (Thought I will say the scarf is a bit of a "duh" kind of pattern.)  And the mini wreaths require no knitting at all.  Just a little bit of time and patience.

Mini Knit Hat:
Cast on 16 stitches on size 6 needles
Row 1 and 2: k1, p1 across
Row 3-10: beginning with a knit row, continue in stockinette for 8 rows (knit one row, purl one row)
Row 11: K2tog across (8 stitches)
Row 12: purl
Row 13: K2tog across (4 stitches)

Break yarn leaving a long length.  With a tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the four remaining stitches and close up the seem in the back and weave in ends.

Embellish as desired and attach a length of yarn for hanging.

Mini Knit Scarf:
Cast on 40 stitches on size 6 needles
Knit 5 rows
Cast off.

Weave in ends and embellish as desired. 

I had to play with mine a bit before I found a way of stitching it together so it didn't look like an "awareness ribbon."  I stitched everything together so it laid flat and attached another string for hanging.

Mini Wreaths:
You'll need: yarn, empty toilet paper tube, ribbon, various embellishments (buttons, more yarn, stars, snowflakes, etc), scissors and glue

Cut appx 1/4 inch round off the end of your TP tube. 
You'll need a long length of yarn -- I rolled mine into little yarn balls.  Just keep them small enough to fit through the hole.  It will make wrapping the "wreath" so much easier.

Loop the yarn around the TP tube and tie a knot.  Then begin wrapping yarn around the whole thing.  (I made 2 layers of yarn on mine. 1 didn't seem thick enough and 3 seemed too thick.  If using a heavier weight yarn once around might be enough.  You'll figure out what you like as you play with it.)

Once your tube is sufficiently wrapped, cut the string and glue down the end in the back.  (Felt glue worked okay but hot glue was much better.)

Embellish as desired.  I had ribbon on hand so I just made bows. Attach more yarn or ribbon for hanging.

Next up?  Mini Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Mini Purses!


Angela said...

LOVE the mini wreath idea!

Can't wait to see the ugly sweaters!

Ashley Johnson said...

Using TP tube for mini wreaths! Brilliant! Love all the minis!

Abby said...

Crazy cute. The hats are my favorite!

Emily said...

I think the little hats are my favorite too. AND they're the quickest to make. :)