Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blanket #4

I've mentioned before that I love knitting baby blankets.  They may may take a long time but the satisfaction of completing something that big is totally worth it.  (It's also nice to give something handmade like that to your child, a niece, or a friends child.)  I finally finished baby blanket # 4 last weekend and I think it's probably my favorite yet.  The original pattern comes from Lion Brand but I wanted to do more than one color.  You know... Use up some of my stash.  I would highly recommend this pattern for someone who's knitting their first blanket.  Because it starts in the corner with short rows and gets increases you see a lot of progress with only a little bit of work. 
Here's how my pattern worked...
(I used size 10.5 needles not 11s.  It really doesn't make much difference through.)
Color A -- Fuchsia -- 20 rows
Color B -- Black -- 10 rows
Color C -- Grey -- 14 rows
Color D -- Plum -- 20 rows
Color B -- Black --10 rows
Color E -- White -- 6 rows

Repeat this pattern twice with increases.
Return to color A and knit 5 rows with increases.  And then 5 rows with decreases.  (I would have done 20 here but I didn't think I'd have enough of the fuchsia to complete the blanket.  I was right.)
Then reverse the color pattern -- white, black, plum, grey, black, fuchsia -- and repeat pattern twice with decreases.

It's a little bigger than all the store bought baby blankets we got for Simon and it's square but it's a really good size.  Now I just need a little girl to bestow this one on.... 

Here's how the pattern ended up looking...

And a closer up look at the corner and the eyelets from the increases...

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Mary said...

Love the colors! True talent girl :)